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Credit Card Reconciliation
Reduce risk by resolving credit card issues sooner.
Where you’re reconciling credit card statements against sales ledger, purchase ledger or employee expenses, the process is time-consuming, detail-oriented, and ripe for automation.
Statements need regular matching to combat fraud or find banking errors early. Chargebacks, reversals and fees make this process even more complex.
If you need to dispute transactions, a clear audit trail is vital. So with a sharp clear reconciliation process, you can resolve issues fast.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Introducing Aurum automation for rapid credit card reconciliations.

Introducing Aurum automation for rapid credit card reconciliations.

Key Benefits:
  • Seamlessly integrate with ERPs, general ledger systems and credit card statements.
  • Save time with high-volume matching between any credit card statement and internal system.
  • Reduce exposure to fraud and banking errors by running reconciliations as soon as data is available.
  • Improve accuracy through Aurum’s machine learning, which spots and addresses anomalies for improved reconciliations.
  • Eliminate stress arising from chargebacks, reversals and fees.
  • Ensure control and compliance with a fully auditable workflow.
  • Gather insights from our easy-to-use reporting dashboard.
  • Free up staff time to focus on exception management and data analysis.
  • Prepare your organisation for growth by automating critical business processes.

Automate credit card reconciliations in five simple steps.

Address credit card issues early and boost efficiency with Aurum’s end-to-end automation for reconciliations.


Consolidating and enriching data from your financial systems, it achieves industry-leading levels of data-matching.


Generating credit card reconciliations on the fly, staff time is freed up to chase exceptions and dispute transactions.

I need an overview across our multiple accounts and to have instant access to any that need detailed investigation. I have an instant picture of the team’s reconciliation results, it’s quick to use and reassuring to know that we’re performing well.
Sue Baverstock, Reconciliation and Controls Manager
Hastings Insurance Services Ltd
Case Studies
Learn how clients from all over the world are boosting productivity using our software.
Admiral 2
Admiral 1

Paul Clifford, Customer Accounts Debt


"We saw that Aurum Solutions was a company we wouldn't just buy from, but one we would also develop a close working relationship with."

Betfred 2
Betfred 1

Neil Smith, Cashbook Supervisor - Betfred

"Aurum’s solution was able to streamline the team’s process, giving them the time to focus on the more important tasks."

Young's 2
Young's 1

Keith Wilson, Chief Accountant Youngs

"We’ve had great support from Aurum Solutions throughout the project. Overall the impact of the solution on the business has been very positive, and that’s a good and very meaningful result for us."

Co-op (Central England) 1
Co-op 1

Leanne Cox, Senior Banking Administrator Central England Co-op

"Aurum enables us to maintain an accurate position of our cash management at all times which helps minimise our financial risk. It has freed up staff time so that we are not just focused on matching and resolving exceptions, which means that as a department, we can cope better with our growing business volumes."

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