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Fee Checker
Extract complex fees for accurate credit card reconciliations.
Whether you conduct transactions with Payment Gateways, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or Merchant Banks, credit card fees add an extra layer of complexity.
Complicated fee structures vary according to each payment. And the challenge is to ringfence these before you can start on reconciliations.
Done manually this process is detail-oriented, time-consuming and prone to error. This makes it an ideal process for automation.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Introducing our automated fee checker.

Introducing our automated fee checker.

Key Benefits:
  • Speed up data import through seamless integration with ERPs and internal system.
  • Improve accuracy through spotting and addressing fee variances in minutes.

Aurum calculates credit card fees – rapidly and accurately:

We understand the challenges extracting credit card fees, so we created an advanced automated fee checker.


Automatically identifying and calculating credit card fees in minutes, you’ll save time and resources from the day it is implemented.

“The service that we receive from Aurum Solutions is unique in my experience. They are very hands-on and employ a collaborative approach that has been very successful.”
Keith Clarke, Reconciliations Analyst
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