Here’s why you should automate your reconciliation process with us:
  • Stay Compliant 0
    Stay Compliant

    Keeping up with the increasing industry regulation requires FinTechs to be agile and ready for change. We’ve got that covered for you.

  • Achieve Seamless Integrations 0
    Achieve Seamless Integrations

    Connect your ERPs, banking systems and automatically import any data in any format from internal and external sources. Our software reconciles financial transactions in real-time.

  • Grow without Worrying 0
    Grow without Worrying

    We’re able to reconcile ultra-high volumes of transactions. Our state-of-the-art technology handles and processes Big Data, allowing you to grow without increasing your workforce.

The service that we receive from Aurum Solutions is unique in my experience. They are very hands-on and employ a collaborative approach that has been very successful. They have a friendly, knowledgeable team that genuinely understands the financial services industry and always helps us to respond to business change which in turn helps us to continually improve our back-office processes.
Keith Clarke, Reconciliations Analyst
We can help you.

We can help you.

These are just some of the key benefits of automating your reconciliation process with us:
  • Accurate money segregation processes.
  • Secured data integrity.
  • CASS compliance for future regulations.
  • Bespoke reports and dashboards.
  • Rapid and intelligent repair features.
  • Seamless integration with any system.
  • Multi-process automatic reconciliations.
  • Mitigated risk with centralised data management.
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We’ve developed these software solutions to meet sector needs.
Client Money Reconciliation
Client Money Reconciliation
Segregate client money – simply and efficiently - with Aurum technology.
CASS Reconciliation
CASS Reconciliation
Improve compliance and data accuracy with high-speed automation.
Securities Positions and Trades Reconciliation
Securities Positions and Trades Reconciliation
Digitally transform your reconciliations with Aurum technology.
PSP Reconciliation
PSP Reconciliation
Digitally transform your PSP reconciliations with Aurum.
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