Aurum’s dynamic team of specialists will consult, create and deliver your bespoke solution in five simple steps.
This can be undertaken remotely or onsite.

Onsite Business Consultancy 0
Business Consultancy

Remotely or on-site, our technical consultants will discuss your requirements, document your business processes and advise on industry best practice. Following this, they’ll provide a detailed implementation plan.

Configuration and Testing 0
Configuration and Testing

Our tech team will develop a solution tailored to your organisation’s infrastructure, data-matching processes and users. And we’ll rigorously test this in our virtual environment so it works seamlessly with your systems.

Installation and Integration 1
Installation and Integration

Next we’ll install your personalised solution in your environment. Our proven implementation methodology ensures a smooth integration with existing systems. Once complete, you’ll be ready to go live.

Aurum User and Admin Training 0
Aurum User and Admin Training

With your software in place, we’ll get users up to speed straight away with tailored one-to-one or group training with your users.

Post Implementation Follow-up 1
Post Implementation Follow-up

We always check in with clients once their systems are implemented. So we can make sure you’re getting the most out of Aurum, with the ultimate goal of boosting ROI.

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