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Inventory Reconciliation
A real-time snapshot of your inventory – as and when you need it.
Inventory reconciliations are important for tracking stock levels - highlighting shrinkage and depreciating damaged or out-of-date goods.
But with input required from several departments, this process often becomes a challenge. With uncoordinated spreadsheets or systems, anomalies can occur. And without correct stock levels, it’s difficult to highlight theft, or to accurately plan around customer demand.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Gain instant clarity across your suppliers, production and inventory.

Gain instant clarity across your suppliers, production and inventory.

Key Benefits:
  • Consolidate data from your systems using our ERP-agnostic platform.
  • Review your inventory levels from one central information source.
  • Reduce theft by keeping on top of discrepancies.
  • Improve data accuracy by eliminating manual inputs at different stages.
  • Leverage historical data to predict the inventory required to meet demand.
  • Gather data insights faster to make informed business decisions.

Review inventory levels from one central data source.

Aurum’s inventory reconciliation matches information from your purchase ledgers against the sales ledger – before checking this against stock levels.


Continually updating to reflect each data source, you can plan production and forecast more effectively with a real-time view of your inventory.

The skill-set gained across the entire team is something we can really build on. They are skills that could have allowed my team members to develop and progress to roles in other parts of our organisation. and that’s just great in my book.
Keith Wilson, Chief Accountant
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