Journal File Automation
Streamline journal entry processes with smart automation.
A key control in your financial close, the journal file validates the accuracy of entries across your systems – bringing together comments, support and workflows in one central place.
Done manually, this is often a painstaking process, slowing down work-flows across departments. And with many similar transactions, it can be repetitive and dull – leading to errors and inaccuracies in the resulting entries.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Introducing Aurum's solution for journal file automation.

Introducing Aurum's solution for journal file automation.

Key Benefits
  • Speed up data import through seamless integration with ERPs and internal system.
  • Consolidate and import journal entries from spreadsheets or report writers.
  • Configure the system to generate JEs from the items you want included – not just from exception transactions.
  • Standardise workflows through journal templates for different internal systems – to collect the correct information for each respective journal.
  • Improve accuracy through fully automated data import, matching and reporting.
  • Aid decision making with a digitised journal archive for future reference.
  • Improve control and compliance with an audit-proof workflow.

Automate journals for improved reporting and accountability:

Take greater control over journal entries with Aurum’s automated solution.


Building, reviewing and approving all of your journals, you can certify and keeps these on file with correct documentation.


Centralised journal information ensures that you are audit-ready with a well-defined workflow. And with the ability to automate and post period-end journal entries, you’ll boost productivity and free up staff for exception management and value-add activity.

We’re absolutely satisfied with the way Aurum Solutions handles our accounts. We’re satisfied with the way it manages exceptions and reports. It helps by posting into our finance system as well […] It pretty much writes the journal for us!
June Manock, Head of Control
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Paul Clifford, Customer Accounts Debt


"We saw that Aurum Solutions was a company we wouldn't just buy from, but one we would also develop a close working relationship with."

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