Digitally transform your reconciliations with Aurum
With client money arriving into law firms’ accounts on a daily basis, it’s important that these finances are correctly managed.
Regulations demand transparency and an audit trail showing client money segregation. But matching bank statements against practice management systems is tedious and time-consuming, particularly when done manually.
The growth of internet banking and Faster Payments means funds can be received at any time day or night. And with multiple payments related to the same client purchase, the ability to easily and accurately reconcile client accounts on a daily basis ensures client transactions are correctly allocated and balances are always water-tight and can be instantly substantiated.
With Aurum you can drive operational efficiency using our completely automated platform for reconciliations. Maintain integrity through a strong audit trail that meets and exceeds the Solicitors Regulation Authority obligations. And with accurate timely reconciliations, staff are freed up for value-add work such as data analysis and reporting.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
We have complete confidence that our bank statements agree with the accounting records held in Partner for Windows. Aurum's platform allows us to stay on top of our client accounts, and we can easily answer client queries as we know that we have a fully reconciled position each day.
Sue Pretty, Senior Cashier
Breeze & Wyles Solicitors
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Bank Reconciliation
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Law firms from all over the world are gaining significant ROI with our industry-leading platform.
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