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Payroll Reconciliation
Regularly balanced payroll is vital for compliance and assessing financial health.
But for organisations with multiple systems, departments or data sources, gathering and formatting payroll data can become time-consuming and prone to mistakes.
Because of incompatible systems and outdated solutions, data often needs manipulation, leaving the process vulnerable to human error. And with work carried out manually at the end of each pay period, payroll variances can only be spotted once the job is complete.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Speed up the payroll cycle, improve accuracy and reduce errors with Aurum.

Speed up the payroll cycle, improve accuracy and reduce errors with Aurum.

Key Benefits
  • Rapidly consolidate, verify and format data from payroll and banking systems.
  • Speed up payroll reconciliations through automating the end-to-end process.
  • Improve accuracy through precision-matching technology.
  • Quickly identify payroll discrepancies with a real-time view of the function.
  • Ensure control and compliance with a fully auditable workflow.
  • Gather insights from our easy-to-use reporting dashboard.
  • Free up staff time for higher-value data analysis.

Introducing Aurum automation for smarter payroll reconciliations:

With automation, you can prevent problems - rather than finding them when it’s too late.


Plugging into all your payroll, finance and banking systems, Aurum imports and formats payroll data ready for reconciliations.


Simply select your sources, then leave Aurum’s robotic process automation (RPA) to do the rest.


The result? Rapid reporting on your payroll position that saves on staff time and provides accurate management data for decision-making.

We have been able to provide visibility of discrepancies and therefore improve the data accuracy within our HR Management Information System.
This means that we will be able to automate more processes and provide further operational efficiencies in the future.
Clare Lakey, Global HR Policy, Process and Services Manager.
Imperial Brands
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Imperial Brands

Mark Chapman, IT Business Engagement Lead Centre of Excellence

"Working with Aurum has been one of the best project experiences I have enjoyed in recent years. They integrated into the project team extremely quickly and combined excellent technical expertise together with an exceptional ability to understand Imperials’ processes and ways of working even as they varied from country to country."

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