Supplier Statement Reconciliation
Automate supplier statement reconciliations to reduce errors.
Correct consistent payments are vital for strong, long-term supplier relationships. So when accounting errors occur, it can cause tension, missed deliveries and even loss of business.
By reconciling supplier statements you can highlight discrepancies before payment. Making sure supplier balances are correct – without missing credit notes or duplicate invoices.
But it’s challenging to keep on top of this with thousands of invoices to deal with daily – often in different formats. And figures may not match delivery values or purchase orders (POs).
Manual reconciliations often miss details – and can be passed between colleagues. Without a full audit trail, it’s hard to locate and resolve mistakes.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Ensure supplier balances are accurate for financial reporting.

Ensure supplier balances are accurate for financial reporting.

Key Benefits:
  • Consolidate and format critical data through seamless integration with ERPs and financial data sources.
  • Reconcile supplier statements in minutes using rapid data-matching technology.
  • Spot and instantly deal with duplicated invoices, incorrect currencies,or credit notes misposted as invoices.
  • Validate supplier liabilities for financial reporting.
  • Free up staff time to focus on exception management and data analysis
  • Improve accountability, visibility and accuracy through a robust audit trail.

Automate client money segregation – simply and efficiently.

With Aurum, you can reconcile supplier invoices against POs, delivery notes and inventory.


Consolidating key data sources, our technology formats and matches supplier accounts in real-time. Freeing up staff to manage exceptions and focus on other business-critical activity.

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