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SWIFT Statement Processing
Highlight SWIFT messaging issues – as and when they occur.
If you use SWIFT to send and receive information, regularly reconciling this data against statement entries and systems can prove a headache.
Juggling with high volumes of messages to many recipients – frequently in varying formats - limitations can also arise with in-house message parsing tools. This makes manual or partially automated reconciliations time-consuming and disjointed.
With anomalies needing rapid intervention, the higher your transactions, the greater the organisational risk. 
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Introducing Aurum automation for SWIFT message processing.

Introducing Aurum automation for SWIFT message processing.

Key Benefits:
  • Centralise systems - gathering messages from back-office systems, PSPs and payment gateways.
  • Boost automation using flexible rules and well-structured secure message formats.
  • Identify fraud and discrepancies early by running regular reconciliations.
  • Enhance productivity by reducing administration and data governance costs.
  • Improve control and compliance with a fully auditable workflow.

Highly structured, secure and superfast:

Matching SWIFT transactions on a daily or intra-day basis, Aurum provides fully automated processing for a wide variety of SWIFT message types.


Drawing from our extensive experience of Category 9 and Category 5 messages, Aurum maps fields of message types and applies rules to these. Enabling it to match and identify issues with any SWIFT system. Gradually increasing automation to reduce operational risk.


The result? Daily reports that highlight discrepancies for instant investigation. Reducing organisational risk and freeing up staff to manage exceptions.

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