System to System Reconciliation
Import, enrich and reconcile business-critical data.
With varying systems and workflows across large organisations, it’s not easy reconciling business-critical data across different departments or business entities.
There are large volumes of data to contend with – often in different formats across systems. And with manual intervention, this can lead to errors as information is reformatted and moved along convoluted workflows.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Introducing Aurum’s RPA for system to system reconciliations.

Introducing Aurum’s RPA for system to system reconciliations.

Key Benefits:
  • Consolidate data from across your organisation in our centralised, ERP-agnostic platform.
  • Boost efficiency through high-speed automated data-matching.
  • Improve control and visibility with an end-to-end view of reconciliations.
  • Reduce write-offs before they occur through spotting and resolving contributing factors.
  • Improve data accuracy through reducing manual inputs at different stages.
  • Conduct data and variance analyses and develop bespoke reports using our reporting dashboard.

Review inventory levels from one central data source.

Aurum simplifies and speeds up time-consuming reconciliations. Bringing them together in one central dashboard.


After importing data from your ERPs and data sources, our smart tech automatically standardises and enriches it. Resulting in accurate high-speed reconciliations with minimal exceptions.


With time-consuming reconciliations run in minutes, your staff time is freed up for exception management and other business-critical processes.

The system has made my work-life so much easier. It has made the reconciliation process less time-consuming and given me valuable time to work on other projects and take on other managerial roles.
Carli Wells, Management Accountant
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Paul Clifford, Customer Accounts Debt


"We saw that Aurum Solutions was a company we wouldn't just buy from, but one we would also develop a close working relationship with."

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