Training & Education
Successful implementation is about more than simply rolling out new software.
Users need the skills and knowledge to maximise its value. We want you to realise Aurum’s potential, fast. So we upskill all users with tailored training programmes. Your Aurum users will have different needs, so we’ve designed training packages to meet all of these. We’ll discuss who requires access during your initial consultation. Then we’ll design a training programme made up of a combination of the following.
Training & Education 2
Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions

Aurum offers four types of training

Aurum User 0
Aurum User

For those ultimately running reconciliations, this training provides a comprehensive overview of Aurum’s workflows and configurations, so they can successfully perform day-to-day operational tasks

Aurum for Management Information 0
Aurum for Management Information

Perfect for team and department managers - this training provides useful information on Aurum's comprehensive MI that will pinpoint critical errors and risks allowing you to easily drill down to the root of any issue.

Aurum IT 0
Aurum IT

Designed for IT teams, this training provides technical information for professionals in charge of Aurum’s underlying environment.

Aurum Portfolio Overview 0
Aurum Portfolio Overview

Ideal for senior managers and directors, this offers a detailed overview of Aurum’s extensive solutions portfolio and all the key functionality and business benefits, so they can get the most ROI.

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