We know our journal files will be accurate because its entire output is from the data which Aurum has reconciled.

Lee Dalton
Head of Management Accounting, Tote
The Tote

The Tote, founded in 1928 by Sir Winston Churchill, has a rich history as one of the UK’s most well known and respected betting operators. With over 90 years at the heart of British racing, it has moved into the world of online betting under the ownership of the UK Tote Group. This has been supported by Aurum Solutions, helping the Tote open up to a larger audience. With this move, Lee Dalton, Head of Management Accounting, identified that the Tote needed a solution and through a recommendation from a former colleague, the Tote team turned to Aurum.

"Matching transactions is now effortless, and so too is drilling down into detail."
Madison Wilson, Management Accountant
The Tote

For Madison Wilson, Management Accountant at the Tote, thanks to using Aurum, her experience with reconciliation and managing exceptions has been greatly enhanced. Quickly, the Tote can ascertain matches and exceptions on a transaction-by-transaction basis, helping the team easily spot and recover lost revenue. This not only saves the Tote time and money, but it is also helping improve their customer satisfaction scores.

Importantly, the additional level of detail that Aurum provides Lee, Madison and the rest of the Tote team ensures greater insights at faster rates which is crucial to running an efficient and secure business. Overall, having successfully introduced pool betting to a larger online audience, the Tote’s appetite to further expand shows no sign of slowing down. Fortunately, with Aurum, it is able to safely scale its payment processing capability to support this growth.

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