All your payment providers reconciled automatically

Integrate payment providers, gaming platforms and all your other systems in one platform to reconcile your transactions faster than ever before.

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made easy
Create custom reports, and leverage industry-standard ones to make your life easier. All possible to integrate with PowerBI, Clickbase and others.
Reconcile your transactions in real-time
We are able to pull the data from your payment provider and reconcile your transactions instantly.
Avoid manual tracking of FX rates and Fee changes
Rates and fees are constantly evolving. With our platform, you can spot any changes on a PSP basis.

Automate your journal file and bring it to the next level.

Ensure an accurate cash position at all times. Feed your ERP with all the right data from every business, payment type and day. With our automated solution, you can even compare expected settlements against what you already have.

There are 600+ integrations already waiting for you

We connect with more than 600 payment providers, banks, platforms, and systems so that no matter who you work with, you can start automating your reconciliation right away.
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Our solution is made with your industry in mind

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile all your bank statements, from all your accounts, in just one click. Automatically import and match any data in seconds with our Bank Reconciliation solution. 

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Never go through manually downloading all your PSP reports again. With our 1 click data import, you can feed all your PSP data in seconds to our system. 

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Client Money Reconciliation

Secure your client money with ease. Always be audit ready and prove client money segregation in seconds with our custom reports.

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Journal Entry Automation

Ensure an accurate cash position at all times. Feed your ERP with all the right data, including deposits, withdrawals, chargebacks, and fees.

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Check all your balances per PSP, per currency, per day with confidence that all your financial data is accurate at any given moment.

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Fee Checker

By reconciling your internal systems against your PSPs, Gateways and Banks, we can provide you with detailed reports on FX rates and transaction fees.

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