Asset Management

Reconciliation that meets regulatory compliance

Work with accuracy and speed to monitor all transactions as they happen, and get an accurate cash position at all times.

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Every asset is accounted for

Connect to the world of reconciliation’s largest bank of APIs to protect every asset, no matter how diverse your clients’ portfolios might be.

Be regulation ready
MiFID II, CASS, and CSDR are all accounted for with our software. Regulations of tomorrow are too thanks to our highly experienced consultancy team.
Complete control
Ensure proactive oversight over all your clients’ assets thanks to specific solutions designed for bank, stock, trade & positions reconciliations, and more.
Timely reports every time
Transform your reconciliation into an efficient, automated, swift process which always produces CMAR on time.

All these benefits
are for you.

Comprehensive audit trail.
CASS and MiFID II compliance.
Data preparation and integrity.
Data consolidation and visibility.
Custom rule creations.
Collaborative working in one platform.

Our solution serves all stakeholders.

It doesn't matter which type of firm you are, our solution is flexible to meet any requirements.

There are 600+ integrations already waiting for you

We connect with more than 600 payment providers, banks, platforms, and systems so that no matter who you work with, you can start automating your reconciliation right away.
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Our solution is made with your industry in mind

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile all your bank statements, from all your accounts, in just one click. Automatically import and match any data in seconds with our Bank Reconciliation solution. 

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Client Money Reconciliation

Secure your client money with ease. Always be audit ready and prove client money segregation in seconds with our custom reports.

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Securities and Trades Reconciliation

Reconcile in real-time and at specific points of the day to protect your clients’ assets 24/7.

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