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Protect your clients’ assets at all times

Automatically consolidate positions and trades reconciliations in one platform.

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Key benefits of automated Securities, Positions and Trades reconciliation

Flexible reconciliation frequency

We take into consideration the difference between trade day and settlement day so you can manage expectations of when they will be reconciled.

Mitigate risks
With automated reconciliations, identify exceptions faster and resolve queries before they become troublesome.
Integrity guaranteed
Whilst your data is cross-referenced with no errors, be safe in the knowledge that a complete audit trail exists at a transactional level.
Diversify with ease
Protect your clients’ portfolios by offering them a broad rather than limited range of investments thanks to our unlimited bank of APIs.
MiFID II compliance
Data integrity, three-way reconciliations and swift industry-specific reports are all assured by one automated platform.

Take our clients’
word for it.

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Aurum allowed us to move from a manual, two-way cash reconciliation with our broker to an automated three-way reconciliation which allows our fund managers to know precisely how much cash they have available for trading. We could never have done this before due to restraints on time and resourcing, and the complexity involved.
Keith Clarke, Reconciliations Analyst
Octopus Investments

We’ve seen all types of reconciliations.

Trade Reconciliations
Achieve peace of mind by always knowing if your trades were executed at the right price.
Positional Reconciliations
Custodian Bank
Reconcile all your trades at a level of number of shares, including divided ownership.

Our solution serves all stakeholders.

It doesn't matter which type of firm you are, our solution is flexible to meet any requirements.

Why Aurum

What makes us better? Our focus is on you.

Your business,
your rules
Besides the pre-configured industry-specific matching rules, you can create yours according to your needs.
You grow,
we grow
We don't punish you for growing. No volume is too high so we don’t charge by transaction volume.
is power
Assign transactions, add notes, collaborate and work seamlessly with your team.

There are 600+ integrations already waiting for you

We connect with more than 600 payment providers, banks, platforms, and systems so that no matter who you work with, you can start automating your reconciliation right away.
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