Internal and external reconciliations, automated

Take full control of how you manage your data when scaling. Reconcile against any system and keep your client's funds safe.

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Simplify your data
Overcome difficult-to-match data with custom rules. We are able to find the right way to increase your matching rates.
Avoid fines
Step up to the mark when it comes to the protection of customer funds. Reconcile any transactional volume and meet all regulatory requirements.
Defy payments complexity
Automate end-to-end data management from every source of payments to keep up with real-time transactions and ISO20022 advances.

Our solution fits the entire industry.

Payment Service Providers
Get full control of your data with an audit trail at a transactional level.
Issuing Banks
Reconcile all your card transactions with a fully agnostic data engine.
Card Networks
Scale with no limits on transactional volumes and automate your processes.
Cross-Border Payments
Reconcile in any currencies with full visibility and control over FX and Fees.
Challenger Banks
Stay compliant and reconcile your data in an easy and scalable environment

There are 600+ integrations already waiting for you

We connect with more than 600 payment providers, banks, platforms, and systems so that no matter who you work with, you can start automating your reconciliation right away.
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Our solution is made with your industry in mind

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile all your bank statements, from all your accounts, in just one click. Automatically import and match any data in seconds with our Bank Reconciliation solution. 

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Client Money Reconciliation

Secure your client money with ease. Always be audit ready and prove client money segregation in seconds with our custom reports.

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