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Property Management

We see how complex allocating and segregating rent payments from tenants to owners and matching supplier statements can be.

Our software can automate all of those challenging processes and more:

Prove client money segregation in seconds.
Always be audit ready.
Centralised view of multiple accounts.
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Choosing Aurum meant saving time, improving accuracy and resolving exceptions quicker.
Jo Potter
Head of Client Accounts Operations, Fexco


Complex payments ecosystem and too many integrations? We can help you.

Our software can integrate with any system and pull all data using available APIs. Scale without worries and enjoy the advantages of automated reconciliation:

Detailed fees reporting.
Next level payment analytics.
600+ integrations available.
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Matching bank statements against practice management systems is tedious and time-consuming, particularly when done manually.

With funds being paid at any time and with multiple payments related to the same client purchase, our software allows you to easily and accurately reconcile client accounts on a daily basis, but also:

Meet any Solicitors Regulation Authority obligations.
Keep a detailed and transparent audit trail of every transaction.
Accurate cash position at all times.
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We achieved our goal of automating bank reconciliations and saw an immediate return on our investment.
Kevin Cole
Financial Controller, bpl Solicitors
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Omnichannel is not just a good experience for your customers. It’s time to bring a centralised view to your internal processes.

Bank reconciliations, supplier statements, inventory, payroll, you name it, we automate it:

Reconcile against credit card statements, banks and internal systems.
Uncover lost funds.
Easily manage the funds in your internal ledger accounts.
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Integrated into the project team.
Mark Chapman
Head of IT, Imperial Brands
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With trades happening at all times and high-pressure regulations, navigating the FOREX industry can be challenging.

We’ve got you covered. Be audit ready at all times and move fast with our software:

Connect any system for a centralised data management
Rapidly match and manage foreign exchanges
Streamline your FX trade flow
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You couldn’t find your industry? Get a full bespoke solution.

Choose a fully scalable, data-agnostic platform. We can tailor our solutions to meet any requirement. Speak with our team, and we'll bring in the best people to solve your challenges.
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