Bank Reconciliation
Save time, improve accuracy and pinpoint critical errors, fast. Then easily drill down to the root of any issue.
Aurum’s bank reconciliation platform is highly scalable from hundreds up to millions of transactions and enabling reconciliations in either real-time, daily, weekly or monthly depending on client or regulatory requirements.
In addition to pre-configured industry-specific matching rules, users can easily create an unlimited number of rules from straightforward to highly complex ensuring the highest possible matching rates whilst ensuring complete accuracy.
Ad-hoc matching of residual items is made as efficient as possible with Aurum finding and presenting matches requiring user input or confirmation. Exception items are then managed by the system through to resolution.
Every action is fully audited and can be rolled-back in the case of error.
With comprehensive, graphical, MI and a configurable dashboard, managers have a clear overview of the organisation’s financial position and are immediately alerted to critical issues allowing them to easily drill down and investigate.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Digitally transform reconciliations with Aurum's industry-leading technology.

Digitally transform reconciliations with Aurum's industry-leading technology.

Key Benefits:
  • Match high volumes of data between any bank statement and finance system.
  • Fully automate data imports, matching, and reporting.
  • Define matching rules with Aurum’s easy-to-use interface.
  • Rapidly generate ready-to-go reconciliation reports.
  • Ensure control and compliance through our fully audited workflow.
  • Integrate reconciliations seamlessly with ERPs and internal systems.
  • Scale bank reconciliations as your organisation grows.

Aurum automates every step of your bank reconciliations.

Aurum integrates seamlessly with your existing systems – ERPs, banking systems, SWIFT and PSPs. And its' data-agnostic system imports data from all standard bank file-formats, GL systems, spreadsheets, CSV etc.


Using matching rules pre-configured to your organisation’s needs, it automatically runs reconciliations as soon as daily data is available, flagging up exceptions for immediate investigation and resolution.


The result? A real-time snapshot of your banking, freeing up staff to work on exceptions and analyse financial data.

The service that we receive from Aurum Solutions is unique in my experience. They are very hands-on and employ a collaborative approach that has been very successful.
Keith Clarke, Reconciliations Analyst
Octopus Investments
Case Studies
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Co-op (Central England) 1
Co-op 1

Leanne Cox, Senior Banking Administrator Central England Co-op

"Aurum enables us to maintain an accurate position of our cash management at all times which helps minimise our financial risk. It has freed up staff time so that we are not just focused on matching and resolving exceptions, which means that as a department, we can cope better with our growing business volumes."

Young's 2
Young's 1

Keith Wilson, Chief Accountant Youngs

"We’ve had great support from Aurum Solutions throughout the project. Overall the impact of the solution on the business has been very positive, and that’s a good and very meaningful result for us."

BPL Solicitors 2
BPL Solicitors 1
bpl Solicitors

Kevin Cole, Financial Controller – bpl Solicitors

"With bank reconciliation taking just 20 minutes, we have streamlined how we work whilst improving efficiency and control. This has freed up staff time to focus on other core financial management activity and we can deploy our resources more effectively."

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