CASS Reconciliation
Hassle-free compliance with Aurum technology.
Under CASS regulations, firms must regularly reconcile internal records and accounts against third parties holding client money. Discrepancies need resolution without ‘undue delay’. So processes must be rapid to ensure you can meet regulations.
Done manually the daily task of calculating precise values for segregation is time-consuming and prone to error. And with a consistent workflow critical for audit, your firm’s exposure to risk increases – in its operations and reputation.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Digitally transform your CASS reconciliations.

Digitally transform your CASS reconciliations.

Key Benefits:
  • Comply with CASS with an adaptable solution for future regulations.
  • Mitigate risk through managing data centrally.
  • Ensure data integrity through fewer manual interventions.
  • Review status and risk using control mapping and breach reporting tools on the interactive dashboard.
  • Improve accountability and compliance with an automated transparent audit trail.

Meet CASS regulations with ease.

Automate internal and external reconciliations with Aurum. So you can flag and resolve shortfalls, calculate client segregation figures, and produce CMARs.


By automating the process you can ensure data accuracy and provide a clear consistent workflow. Helping reduce the regulatory burden around protecting client money and assets, you’re prepared for audits with a transparent centralised audit-trail.

We use a daily client money report which calculates on an aggregate basis the total client money held by Octopus across all products. This is used by different departments, including Compliance, and ensures that Octopus is meeting its capital adequacy requirements. Replacing manually produced reports means we are able to mitigate risk by identifying exceptions and resolving queries faster.
Keith Clarke, Reconciliations Analyst
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Octopus Investments

Peter Orsi, Head of Operations

"We have seen a quick return on our investment. A major benefit is the time saved. Even though we have increased the number of bank accounts and transactions that we process. Without Aurum this process would easily take at least one person an entire day to complete."

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