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Digitally transform your reconciliations with Aurum
Over the last 15 years, we’ve provided reconciliation solutions for a wide range of industries including Education, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Automotive.
Aurum’s Reconciliation Platform was designed to be flexible, so it's matching engine can be tailored to any industry’s operations and specific requirements. Our solutions page details the wide range of reconciliation solutions we offer including, bank, inter-company, payroll, balance sheet, supplier statement and allocations. 
Integrating seamlessly with any data source: ERPs, banks, back-office and more. Aurum provides optimal automation, real-time integration and comprehensive management information.
Up and running in days, you can expect rapid ROI and a scalable platform for growth.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
We would highly recommend Aurum for two reasons: The system itself is very good, easy to use and contains all the intelligence you would hope it would.  In addition, the customer service is fantastic. We have complete confidence that any query we have will be answered promptly.  This confidence was necessary especially at the start of the project and has continued to build since then.
Karen Carlin, Senior Financial Accountant
Certas Energy, DCC Group
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We’ve developed these software solutions to meet sector needs.
Cash Allocation (Accounts Receivable)
Cash Allocation (Accounts Receivable)
Conduct rapid accurate cash allocations with our machine learning technology.
Supplier Statement Reconciliation
Supplier Statement Reconciliation
Digitally transform supplier statement reconciliation with Aurum technology.
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