Automate reconciliations to improve operations and data management.
The retail industry is under more pressure than ever to deliver customer value: more payment options, secure data processing, and prompt delivery of goods.
Meanwhile, globalisation has made competition fierce – making productivity critical for ambitious retailers. To succeed, you need strong financial processes in place. Ensuring correct inventory, consistent supplier payments and effective payment management.
Aurum has been helping leading retailers digitally transform data reconciliations over the last 15 years. Helping them to improve operational effectiveness while boosting productivity.
With a range of solutions available via our central reconciliation and exception management platform, you’ll benefit from precise reconciliations, co-ordinated reporting and a clear workflow. Leaving staff with extra time to focus on exception management and data analysis.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
Aurum plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency of our bank statement reconciliations. The audit trail is invaluable too as we can see exactly which transactions have been matched and where differences were created.
Vicky Reaney, Banking and Administration Manager
Central England Co-operative
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Supplier Statement Reconciliation
Supplier Statement Reconciliation
Digitally transform supplier statement reconciliation with Aurum technology.
Journal File Automation
Journal File Automation
Digitally transform your organisation’s journal file with Aurum.
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