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Introducing the CFO Chapters

Ross McGee
Ross McGee

The role of a CFO is continuously changing. It was a story which started off by looking back at historical black and white digits, to conducting the future of entire strategies. The pen is now firmly in the hands of CFOs to write the success of businesses.

As with any story, there have been numerous changes, and there are bound to be many more. With additional macro and micro factors always arising to contend with, the number of new chapters CFOs navigate along their journey is endless.

To help every CFO’s story be successful, here at Aurum we have compiled the CFO Chapters. Taking one contemporary challenge which CFOs face at a time, every month we will be deep diving into the most important priorities of today’s modern CFO.

Take a look below to see what will be featuring in 2023.

The CFO Chapters

April – ESG

To coincide with Earth Day and kick off the CFO Chapters, ESG will be top of our agenda. In years gone by, ESG might not have even been on a company’s program, but it is now integral. For CFOs they need to find ways to quantify their ESG efforts for consumers, internal stakeholders, investors and authorities.

ESG is a fairly unchartered territory for many CFOs but an undeniably important one – that’s why we will be on hand to help in April with our first ever CFO Chapter.

May – Digital Transformation

Every day our lives are filled with digital interactions, developing a gold mine of data. Despite how brilliant that sounds for strategic CFOs, it does pose some issues. Namely, how to best extract, transform and load data before applying it in the most optimal way possible.

In May we will dissect how digital technologies can be embraced, so that CFOs can fully prosper from the continuing development of our digital era.

June – Geopolitical Relations and Supply Chains

In a world where we can increasingly escape from reality, the 2020’s have truly reminded us that we all share one planet together. Whether it is coronavirus, increasing global warming or military invasions, everyone and every market has been impacted in some way.

CFOs must have a comprehensive world view to be prepared for any event, including those seemingly thousands of miles away. Learn how to be aware of and how to best counteract destabilizing geopolitical relations and supply chain problems with us in June.

July – Strategic Learning

The modern CFO is also a Chief Strategy Officer. However, taking on this added responsibility requires the development of a new skillset to be adept at communicating data insights and overseeing the delivery of projects.

A new role is never easy to adapt to but in July we will be giving you all the top tips you need to deliver the strategies your company is looking for.

August – Remote Work

Remote work was touted as a phase back in 2020. However, are you sat from home reading this? We reckon some of you might well be. So too might some of your colleagues who you are responsible for alongside HR.

From resolving burnout and boosting productivity, to ensuring cybersecurity, this August uncover how CFOs can leave a positive mark on remote working practices.

September – Ambiguous Metrics

What today’s consumers value and how they interact with businesses is very different to even just 10 years ago. As a result, CFOs need new ways to quantify the success of their companies.

In September let us help you demystify how to quantify trust, purpose, and transparency.

October – New regulations

They say that the law always moves slower than technology. However, it is definitely catching up in the fintech space. This does not have to be seen as an automatic sanction on innovative payment companies but if new regulations aren’t complied with, sanctions could become very real.

Understand the latest regulations this October and learn strategies on how to always stay up to date as new ones arise.

November – Talent Acquisition and Retention

The transformation of a CFO’s role is a symptom of the entire financial landscape evolving. As a result, all financial positions have undergone a similar transformation. For their financial teams to be successful, CFOs will therefore need a new generation of professionals with new skillsets.

In preparation for the peak recruitment season, discover what your hiring and people strategies should be for all finance positions.

December – Board Communication

CFOs’ new strategic responsibilities place them firmly at the centre of board discussions. With more numbers than anyone else at their disposal, they have a duty to be able to communicate them well in an environment where the most important business decisions take place.

Every board meeting is crucial but those wrapping up the year in December hold extra weight. Be prepared for your final board meeting of the year with our December CFO Chapter.

The next chapter

On 13th April we will be publishing our first CFO Chapter, all about the emerging value of ESG and how businesses can grow through their efforts to support it. In time for Earth Day, this will be your perfect guide to driving environmentally friendly and socially responsible growth.

Ross McGee
Ross McGee

Content and Community Marketing Manager

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Ross McGee is a marketing manager at Aurum Solutions who deep dives into financial processes, technology, and best practices to share insights that help finance professionals of all levels maximise their potential.

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