Aurum Reconciliation Platform

Aurum Reconciliation Platform

The Aurum Reconciliation Platform is designed, developed, implemented and supported by us. It provides speed, accuracy, audit and control to reconciliations with intelligent automation, exception management and comprehensive management information.

Real-time integration

Works seamlessly with ERPs, banking systems, SWIFT, PSPs and more – simply choose which data sources you want to reconcile.

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Optimal automation with comprehensive MI

Achieve industry-leading levels of automatic data matching and exception management. Monitor and report on progress using integrated reporting and dashboard technology.

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Rapid ROI

Be up and running in a matter of days. Go on to streamline multiple business processes with our highly flexible platform.

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Aurum Reconciliation Platform 1
Aurum Solutions
Aurum Reconciliation Platform 1
Groupit Software
Groupit Software
Groupit, our highly acclaimed, flexible data-matching engine, was released in 2004 and has successfully stood the test of time. It has been an integral part of our development and has provided the foundation stone for our growing business.
Innovation and development are continuous processes that we relentlessly strive for working in close partnership with our customers. It’s this innovation, development and partnership that has enabled us to release the latest Aurum technology platform as the natural upgrade to Groupit. 
If you would like to discuss how seamless the upgrade path is from Groupit to Aurum then please contact us.
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Aurum Solutions
Aurum Solutions
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We provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of industries.
Tried and trusted
Forward-thinking companies from all over the world are gaining significant ROI with our industry-leading platform.
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